4 Incredible Legendary Trees You Should Know About

Eternal Banyan Tree

Trees are one of natures amazing works of art. Some trees can grow to be hundreds of years old and larger than trucks at their bases. Due to the incredible ability of trees to grow for centuries and house entire ecosystems within their branches, many trees have transcended into legends and myths. Many cultures have their own stories and explanations for the amazing qualities of the trees in their area. Here are some of the most interesting legends surrounding trees:

vampire tree

The Jubokko

  • Japanese myth of a Vampire tree
  • Long roots that reach out from the trunk above the ground
  • Blood-soaked ground morphed the tree into a vicious man-eater

sky-high tree

The Sky-High Tree

  • Hungarian legend about the tallest tree in the King’s garden
  • Young boy climbed this tree and found an entire city in the top of the tree
  • Siberian myth about the tallest tree in the world
  • This tree literally holds up the sky

whispering oak of dodona

The Whispering Oak of Dodona

  • Greek myth about a tree that speaks
  • The tree rustles in the wind and speaks to those around it
  • Seen in stories of Zeus, Achilles, and Argonauts

Eternal Banyan Tree

The Eternal Banyan Tree

  • Many cultures throughout history
  • Buddha sat under this tree to find enlightenment
  • The roots grow so deep and strong that the tree can never be completely killed
  • If the tree is cut down, it’s roots will allow it to grow back


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