6 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Deep Freeze

Cars need a little extra time and attention during the colder seasons as the freeze can affect the quality and efficiency of motor parts. Here are some tips to follow to prevent your car from developing any problems in winter.


1.  Inspect Your Defroster

As the temperature drops, the moisture in vehicles condenses, and the windshield and the windows fog, impeding the driver’s vision. Making sure that the defroster is in good working condition at all times lessens condensation problems, reducing possible road accidents.

2. Change Your Heater Coil

With the harsh climates that Canada experiences, it is a must for every vehicle to have a working heater. If your car’s heater is not working at its optimum level, chances are it needs to have its heater coil replaced.

3. Maintain a Half Full Gas Tank

6 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Deep Freeze

The air volume in a gas tank holds moisture that can freeze fuel lines during winter. Keeping your gas tank half full during this season will help prevent it from freezing by restricting the air volume in the tank. This will also give you the extra weight for better traction when driving on icy roads.

4. Shift to a Winter-Weight Oil

Oil tends to thicken in colder temperatures. This limits its ability to effectively lubricate the engine of your car. Check the owner’s manual for the best type of cold weather oil your car needs so you can use a more viscous formula and avoid future engine troubles.

5. Inspect Your Battery


6 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Deep Freeze

Cold weather can affect your car battery, making car battery problems common during the winter months. Although the car battery needs to be changed every three to five years, it needs to be regularly checked and maintained for corroded or tight connections during the colder seasons. Problems with starting the vehicle or stalling are sure signs you need to get the battery checked.

6. Clean Your Headlights

6 Ways to Protect Your Car from the Deep Freeze

Headlights can easily develop a coating of frozen slush when driven in dirty road conditions, just as fluctuations in temperature manifest themselves. To ensure that the driver has a good view of the road at all times, clean your headlights by coating them with car wax and buff away the haze. This will give the headlights a slippery surface that will prevent dirt from sticking to it and blocking the driver’s area of visibility.

To keep your car in tip-top shape and for safer drives, you need to follow these steps, especially since we are slowly entering the colder seasons. But when in doubt, it is best to leave proper checking and maintenance to the pros, like those at Kingsway Transmission.

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