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A Brief History of Furnaces

Ever since fire was first discovered and tamed, man has sought to keep his dwelling warm when the climate is cool. Indoor heating enabled man to survive in regions that were too cold to survive outdoors in. As man began to build more elaborate housing, he also learned how to heat more efficiently. Buildings in ancient Roman were the first to use a central heating system. Air heated by a furnace forced the warm air through empty spaces under the floors. This system was called a hypocaust. The fall of the Roman Empire slowed the popularity of the hypocaust, but the idea of central heating lived on. In the 12th century, monks in Reichenau Abbey created a similar system that was estimated to operate at a 90% degree of efficiency. However, wood fired stoves were still the dominant means to heat a single dwelling.


By early colonial time, America was still being heated by wood burning fire places and stoves. The Franklin Stove was invented in 1742, and quickly became one of the most common methods of heating a home. Coal became more popular with the cast iron stoves, and by 1885 coal surpassed wood as the dominant fuel for residential heating. Modern manufacturing made low cost iron radiators available, and soon hot water and steam heating systems were wide spread. Coal and wood fueled boilers sent heat out through pipes to other rooms. Heated air could only be circulated through convection, limiting it’s ability to heat multiple rooms. Once electricity became widely available, fans could easily move heated air through ducts in the floor or ceiling. Gas and oil became more common fuels, and today represent over 60% of the domestic heating industry.

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