Basic Types of Pesticides You Should Know

The history of pesticides goes back almost as far as the history of civilization itself. As we explored the world around us, we figured out that many of the things that made our lives more difficult could actually be controlled. Insects could be repelled by the use of some plants or minerals. Some plants thrived by adding certain elements to the soil. Lives could be saved, crops could be increased, and life in general could be improved to some extent.


As our knowledge grew, so did the sophistication of our “weapons”. More chemicals were discovered and developed. More efficient methods of application were used. Productivity went up, and illness went down. Life was good. That is, until we figured out what these pesticides were doing to us. Toxic chemicals like arsenic, mercury, and lead were common until the 1950’s. DDT was used heavily until the mid 70’s. Like most things, we didn’t know how dangerous they were until years after their introduction. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency was formed in 1970 to regulate these dangerous chemicals.

Today, there are many different groups, or classifications of pesticides based on which type of pest they target. For the average consumer, these are the three most common:

  • Insecticides – Bug removal can be divided into several sub groups based on the method of delivery. Respiratory (inhaled), dermal (skin or shell penetration), and oral (ingested) entry are used to deliver the poison.
  • Herbicides – Plants are disposed of by chemicals through direct contact or absorption through the soil.
  • Rodenticides – These are pretty much all taken orally. The poison is flavored or added to a food source, and ingested.

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