Blowing Off Steam – Turning the Wheels of Time

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Ever got your car fixed and thought you didn’t spend nearly enough money on it? Have you recently filled up your tank and wondered why gas was so cheap? Not likely. With fuel prices and costs of auto repair in Abbotsford and cities worldwide on the rise, the biggest gripe the 21st century motorist has is often about money spent. From vehicle inspection in Abbotsford to automobile maintenance in New York, some of us may wish we could trade in our Chrysler for a modern-day Puffing Devil. As the first steam-powered passenger vehicle, it proved that blowing off steam really could get you on the right road.

History-Fueled Facts: Did They Run Out of Steam?


Frenchman Nicolas Joseph Cugnot is credited with being the inventor of the first automobile in 1769, with the modern automobile’s design being perfected in France and Germany in the 19th century. North America was the most affected by the movement and by the 1920s, the most influential. Attention shifted to speed and convenience with electric cars becoming popular up until the early 20th century; with gasoline cars being made, faster refueling times and the petroleum industry boom, steam and electricity were out and gas was in.

The Big Three: Ford, General Motors and Chrysler


Henry Ford introduced the Model T in 1908, heralded as having changed the way Americans work, live and play. Ford sparked a revolution in the industry with his advancements in mass production. Feeding into the “American dream”, the Model T that was built in 93 minutes was the first that was affordable for the average American worker.

General Motors

By 1936, 43 percent of all automobiles being made in the U.S. were produced by GM. It took the lead in emphasizing style and introduced the idea of trading up. GM was revolutionary in establishing the idea of purchasing expensive goods on credit.



Established in 1925 by Walter P. Chrysler with the goal of producing affordable luxury vehicles known for innovative engineering. Chrysler of Canada was founded the same year. It was the first to introduce power steering, alternators and other standard equipment we see today.

Don’t Let Your Vehicle Become History

As more automobiles were produced and driven, breakdowns and mechanical issues became more common as well. As car owners and drivers today, we get just how important maintenance is for our vehicle’s safety and our own sanity. Whether we’re driving in Ford’s home state of Michigan, traversing the same Mannheim roads that propelled Benz or looking for vehicle inspection in Abbotsford, we want the best quality service for our buck. Gerry’s Automotive understands the value and history of cars; but more importantly, Frank Talaber and his team of 14 dedicated experts understand the value of each customer and their money, delivering auto repair in Abbotsford that continues to exceed the British Columbia Auto Association‘s high expectations. Approved by the BBB for over 30 years, it offers quality automotive services and parts with respect and pride. In business for 35 years and with an established long-term team, Gerry’s Automotive proves that it knows cars best.

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