Brief Mortgage History

In 1944, a law called the National Housing Act was passed to support government housing for low-income families and returning World War II veterans. Through a program called the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (or CMHC), housing was offered to the two above mentioned groups for cheaper down payments and significantly lower mortgages. They eventually funded and built Canada’s urban renewal projects, which is a term for re-building on a land for moderate to high density land use. Today, CMHC’s main mission is to improve the housing quality and choices for all Canadian residents.


Here are three different mortgage types currently popular in use in Canada:


You qualify for this if you possess at least 20% of the purchase or appraised price available on hand for the down payment. Some lenders do require CMHC insurance depending on the location or type of the property.


If you possess 5%-19.99% of the purchase price, you qualify for the high-ratio. Insurance through GE Capital or CMHC is usually an absolute requirement in this case. In Canada, purchasing insurance along with the mortgage is a common solution if you don’t have at least 20% available for the down payment. Once the mortgage is set, the insurance is billed to you only once.

Open mortgages

Their interest rates are usually higher than the others and their time limit is usually up to about a year or so. However, it does allow you to pay off your mortgage in part or in its entirety at any time during the month without any incurring penalties.

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