What Can’t a General Contractor in Ontario Do?

What Can’t a General Contractor in Ontario Do?

Building a house involves many steps, schedules and skills. The general contractor of Ontario directs those who are installing windows, hammering nails, adding landscaping or wiring your electricity.

If you have a house to build, then hire a general contractor from Ontario to oversee the project. What exactly is a general contractor? Learn about what a general contractor can and can’t do.

“What is a Contractor?”

A contractor is “someone you hire, who is not your employee.” An employee is hired for a 9 to 5 job – they might work for a company. The contractor might usually work on a project or until a task is completed. He is assigned a very specific task; once he completes the task, his employment is finished.

In many ways, this is a more efficient way to get a job done. Some employees stand around doing nothing; for example, the dozen man road construction crew where 1 guy digs holes and 11 guys watch. Contractors complete specific tasks.

“Overseer of Construction”

The general contractor hires those who are experts in hammering nails, installing windows, adding landscaping and wiring electricity.

The Canada general contractor will not only oversee workers, but also schedule government inspections. The local government must ensure that your electricity, plumbing and construction are “up to code.” They must determine that everything is copacetic.

If you have other specialized tasks to perform, the general contractor from Ontario might have the skills to perform these too. Your general contractor might be an expert on four season porches. This could increase the value of your home dramatically.

“Jack of All Trades”

General contractors can do a lot, but not everything. They might not be 4-star chefs, brain surgeons or rocket scientists. So, if you need these services, then you might need to contact someone else.

For the most basic building tasks, the general contractor is the one you hire. He will hire the individual tradesmen, while overseeing the overall project. This is the “go-to” guy for making sure everything works. The Ontario general contractor is a “Jack of All Trades.”


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