Education in Ancient Rome

ancient education

ancient education

Overview of Roman Empire Education

The Roman Empire found its final form of education during its time. Prior to the formalization, there were no schools for kids to attend. Most of the teaching was done by the head of the household, if any teaching had been done at all. The easy answer to why it was like this had very much to do with the time. Children were not seen as the future of the society as they are seen during our times. During the times of the Roman Empire, children were seen as assets and a means of feeding the family. To put simply, they needed the kids to make money to buy food.

Schools were mostly attended by rich kids from the cities. When they did attend, they were taught how to read and write, as well as a few calculations. Often times, the boys were struck with a stick if they did not perform well.

The Roman System’s tiered education could be broken into these:

  1. Moral Education
  2. Literature/Reading
  3. Philosophy

Many of the students stopped at some point before even reaching the last phase but high school was attended by few.


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