Everything You Want To Know About Teeth History And Dental Care

The Evolution Of Teeth And Dental Care

People have had teeth ever since the human race began. Caring for teeth, and products for tooth care, have gone through many changes.

teeth evolution

In the ancient era, toothbrushes were handmade products. People cleaned their teeth with small twigs that were mashed on one side. Ancient people also created the first dental drill. The drills were made of wood.

During the Elizabethan era, anesthesia did not exist. Whenever a person needed a tooth extracted, it was an extremely painful process.

The first dental textbook was published in 1723. It included information about brushing teeth, and the need for dentures made of appropriate materials. While dentures were previously made of wood, ivory and porcelain became more popular.


During the 1800s, toothpaste was made from chalk and soap. This was not much better from toothpastes that had been made from talc, shells, and powdered fruit.

The 1800s saw some remarkable changes in products for dental care. During this period of time, electric toothbrushes became available.

The first modern toothpaste containing fluoride was manufactured in 1956. The brand, Crest, is still being sold by the Proctor & Gamble company.

More Developments In Dental Care

One important development in dental care was fluoridated drinking water. This approach was initially tested in Michigan in 1945. In the early 1950s, drinking water throughout the United States became fluoridated. Many cities in Canada also began adding fluoride to drinking water.

A second important development was anesthesia for tooth extractions. While nitrous oxide was used for more than a century, Novocaine was created in 1905. This local anesthetic is safer, and less likely to produce complications. It is the form of anesthetic most often preferred by dentists and patients today.

A person who needs dental work can also request sedation. There are a number of forms of sedation from which to choose. The patient will be comfortable and safe while his dental procedure is being performed.

Cosmo Dental Centre

Whether you need a routine examination, are experiencing a dental problem, or have questions about home oral care, you can make an appointment at our dental office in London, Ontario. You can also come in for assistance if you are experiencing a dental emergency.

From past to present, dental care has evolved. There are products suitable for each person’s unique needs, and professional dentists to help with any dental issue.

Unlike people who lived in the past, you have many options today. With proper care, you can have healthy teeth for life.

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