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Fascinating Facts about Doors

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I tend to imagine the scenario of not having doors or windows in our houses. Perhaps that is a clear picture of what a prison looks like. Doors date back to the times of ancient Egypt. The country is located in a desert; you can imagine the hot temperatures and the stuffy air in the absence of doors. Necessity is the mother of invention with no time doors were innovated and they were well created with the mind of an artist decorated beautifully with drawings of different animals, personalities etc.

The framing depends on the temperatures of a particular area. For instance in Egypt the doors were made of slabs of woods on hinges. King Solomon the wisest man used olive wood to make doors for his temple. The oriental Indians used stones as their doors, hilarious indeed. The Greek and the Romans on the other hand had stylish doors such as single doors, double doors and the folding doors.
Today, doors serve the purpose of security and depending on your locality materials used to build doors are different. There glasses, woods, metal, fabric, paper as well as plastic. The following is a small description on types and styles of doors.
Interior and exterior doors; the interior doors are normally the doors inside our houses for instance the bedroom door, the washroom door, etc. while exterior doors are those that are one faced and are always at the back or in front of our houses, they either lead us outside or to the garage.
interior door
People and animals doors; both of the mentioned categories use doors, however the type of door used is what the difference is. People use doors that have knobs, locks etc. while animals use quite simple doors but it depends whether they are domestic or wild animals. Some can harm and therefore their doors are metallic to keep them away from people.
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Automatic and manual doors; the automatic doors have been around since 1954. The doors are used in garages and they have censors that trigger them to open automatically whenever a car is making its way in or exiting. Manual doors are the ones installed in our homes and places of work. We have to open them by ourselves.
automatic doors
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