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History of Carpets & Cleaning methods


william sprague​The history of carpets began in 1791 in Philadelphia by William Sprague. Carpet over the years has evolved to all kinds of grades and feels and softness and hardness. Beautiful carpets and rugs are made all over the world from Egypt, Turkey, France to the United States of course the prices may vary depending on what type of carpet or rug the consumer will purchase. 

Carpet is used for homes & office complex’s. Most people have carpet installed in their home or office to make the atmosphere more comfortable for themselves and others as well as their animals. Another misconception of carpet is that carpet is permanently fixed in place and cannot be removed, however carpet can be removed by experienced professionals. 

Most common and most unique types of carpets:




Flat Weave


For Carpet Cleaning in Brampton or Office Cleaning in Brampton, Caledon Steam Clean have a very reputable business in cleaning home and offices. They have been in business since 1990, their carpet cleaning techniques have been certified by the IICRC: Carpet Cleaning Repair Installation Certifications. The skill and dedication of each operator is the most important part of achieving optimum results.

The cleaning plan focuses on a comprehensive cleaning service without using harsh chemicals – which is best for Office Cleaning in Brampton so the harsh chemicals will not harm any of the employees that you have working for you. 

Caledon Steam Clean uses 4 common methods to Carpet Cleaning in Brampton, Mississauga & Woodbridge

1. Bonnet cleaning is a round buffer that scrubs the mixture of cleaning products in a rotating motion which is designed as a maintenance program. 

2. Foam Encapsulation is a cleaning agent which is applied to carpets it absorbs soil and is removed by vacuuming. 

3. Dry Compound is an absorbent compound that is applied then scrubbed or brushed then vacuumed up. 

4. Hot water / Steam extraction is a high pressure moist injected into carpet that picks up all residue then vacuumed instantly. The most effective way to clean carpets. 

It is suggested that everyone should have professionals clean their carpets due to the chemical residue and smells and potency to carpets, people and animals. How many times you should clean your carpets is up to the professionals to decide that information some may tell you twice a year and some may tell you once a year, but you can never over clean carpet. 

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