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History of Waterproofing: Leave the flooding to nature!

Basements flood! That is an all too common fact in many areas of the world. Before there was any such a thing as waterproofing, basements would likely flood due to too much water build up in and around the soil. When water is too high or tends to rise to an undesirable level it causes hydrostatic pressure. This type of pressure forces the water to penetrate the cracks in the walls. Cracks in walls are caused by expansion and contraction of the foundation. Not only can this hydrostatic pressure cause major structural damage but it can also lead to mold problems.


Waterproofing Services


Luckily there is waterproofing services in Toronto. With this professional service you get peace of mind that your basement will be sealed air tight upon completion. They excavate and clean the foundation walls in order to apply the waterproofing barrier. If you live in a climate that has different seasons then waterproofing your home is a must. There are several methods that are used in waterproofing aside from sealants.


cementHydraulic cement is used on these cracks before parging, since it acts like a mortar and dries very fast. Parging is also part of the waterproofing procedure. This creates a smooth look on the walls so that signs of cracks are no longer visible. Another trick of the trade in waterproofing is to replace clay weepers. Clay weeper tile can crush or crack under hydrostatic pressure so they need to be replaced. When you use waterproofing in Toronto you can be assured that your clay weepers will be replaced with a more durable pvc perforated weeping hose. For added insurance against leakage the pvc hose is covered with 3/4 inch clear gravel. Once this is done they back fill the site, tamp it down and your waterproofing is then complete. You can be assured that no matter how much it snows or rains your house will be airtight.


Waterproofing Experts


A Alert Drain was started in 1927 by Frank Passer. He developed a solid reputation of his business with courtesy and professional standards being his mantra. Bill Passer, Frank’s son, took over the business in the 1950s. Bill pursued to obtain his D9 license which took the company to a higher level of business technology. He saw the need to meet his customers demand and aspired to satisfy them. In 1992 the business was handed down to Bill’s two daughters, Gloria and Lillian. They made sure to recruit only the top notch plumbers in the field and A Alert Drain is considered the most experienced business in the field today.


With over 80 years experience A Alert Drain is your waterproofing expert.
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