Landscaping: A Historical Note

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Some people would be shocked to know that the art of landscaping has a past that’s rich in history. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects, it’s an ancient art that can be traced all the way back to Rome. There was a lull in landscaping for a little while, and then it was revived during the Renaissance. The Gardens of Versailles, designed by Andre Le Notre, are well known throughout the world for exquisite beauty. Victoria Park, the first park in London, also brought about the emergence of landscaping as an art. Frederick Law Olmsted furthered this thought by changing the name of “landscape gardener” to “architect.” Ultimately, landscaping is about designing the world around us.

The emergence of technology has increased the options for landscaping. Things that were once required countless amounts of time and are is now easy. For example, the weed whacker gets rid of weeds quickly. Back then, people would have to do it all by hand. The lawn mower makes it easier to cut grass, and a lot of people even buy ones that are drive-able. With so possibilities, it’s easy to get weeded down. Here are a few cool landscaping ideas for your landscape design in Oakville.

• Different types of grass for your convenience: 
Landscapers can help you figure out the type of grass that is best suited for your home. If you’re not the type of person who likes to do a lot of maintenance then you might want to try artificial grass. They can also help you determine the best grass for your landscape design in Oakville climate, as certain grasses respond better to sun.

• Gardens: Vegetable, flower, or both?: 
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You might want a beautiful garden, but there are a lot more questions to consider than you might think. For one, how hard is it to maintain the garden? What type of garden do you want and how big do you want it? A landscaper can help you figure this out.

• “Curb Appeal”:

Add some value to your house by increasing the outside appeal. You can do this by adding hedges or different ornamental trees. You can put in an elegant rock walkway leading to and from your house. Consult with a good landscaper who can help work with your desire for landscaping design in Oakville!

In order for any of this to mean anything, it’s vital for you to choose a landscape company that you can trust. One such company that can suit your needs for landscaping design in Oakville, is Signature Landscaping Inc.. Signature Landscaping Inc. has a history that’s as interesting as the field in itself, having been established as a family business and priding themselves on a “progressive” approach to design. They offer stonework with natural stone, as well as landscape and hardscape design.

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