Preschool Education has an Intriguing History


The Early Childhood Educational Establishment

The early childhood education establishment has been providing an education to those children who are between the ages of three years old to five years old. The preschool can be a private operation or it can be run by the government. If it is government run, the costs may be subsidized. There is some terminology that will be part of the preschool education language. These terms are:
  • Kindergarten – This is the first stage of compulsory education. This is offered to children at the age of five.nursery
  • Nursery School – this is a school for young children between the ages of three to five.
  • Senior Preschool – this serves children between the ages of the pre-k age bracket. The purpose is for children to prepare for kindergarten.
  • Junior Preschool – This is an education and care for the two to three year old.
  • Toddler – a toddler is between the age of one to three years old.


Those Early Years

Louise Scheppler
There was a period in history that actually restricted children. These restrictions were for those children who had previously learned to write and read right at their own homes. There then became a need to make school available and accessible for those children of the women who were working in factories. There was also a need for orphan children. Early education for children started to become a growing idea.

It was the year 1779 that Louise Scheppler and Johann Friedrich Oberlin had founded Strassbourg. This was an early establishment for the children who had parents that were absent in the daytime that provided education for pre-school children. This is a trend that caught on. In 1780 there had been some infant establishments established that ere similar to the others. These had been established in Bayern. This trend and need had continued. Robert Owen then opened the first British infant school in New Lanark in the year 1816. He had the goal to provide children with a solid moral education. He had wanted to ensure that these children would have the ability to gain life skills. The preschool education continued to expand and catch on.


Leslie Street Daycare

Leslie Street Daycare has been serving children in Keswick, Sharon, Newmarket and Mount Albert Ontario Canada since 1983. This childcare center in Newmarket holds the philosophy that the formative years will set the stage for a lifetime of learning. A strong foundation is laid at this preschool in Newmarket. This is a facility with a history of providing children with exceptional learning opportunities. A safe and loving environment has allowed curiosity to be spiked among the children. This has earned a solid reputation throughout the years of operation. The unique learning needs of each child is incorporated in their early education. The childcare Newmarket has a long history for caring and educating young children.
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