Profitable Summer Business Ideas

Are you an entrepreneur who wants to start a business during the summer months? Summer is an optimal time to provide several services that clients need. Five businesses that thrive during the summer are landscaping, pool repair and supply services, HVAC repair, ice cream shops, and day camp programs. These businesses experience a surge from the end of May until early September.




Landscape businesses are busiest spring through fall, and summer is usually the most profitable season. Many homeowners and businesses want curbside appeal but do not have the experience or time to do it on their own. Landscapers can do general yard clean up, cut and trim grass. They might plant seasonal flowers and shrubs to provide eye-catching colour, and trim overgrown trees. These businesses, if they have designers and contractors, might also offer one-of-a-kind patios and retention walls to add dimension or sophistication to your outdoor design.


Pool Supply and Repair


To work or run a pool maintenance and supply business, one needs to be certified with a pool operator’s certificate and fulfill other legal requirements like insurance and licensing. Home pools require maintenance, and pool repair technicians are in high demand when customers discover winter damage.



Summer energy bills and the demand for air conditioners surge during summer. As the heat increases, homes and businesses need to keep their indoor spaces cooler, putting strain on their HVAC systems. Overheating and other technical problems that keep HVAC businesses experience an increase in calls for maintenance and repairs from June through August.


Ice Cream Trucks and Parlours


While most ice cream shops might experience winter lulls, they will likely have lines that wrap down the block during hot summer months. With the right recipe (and a menu the locals enjoy)

many ice cream shops can bring in enough cash during the summer months to sustain the business during the rest of the year. Some ice cream shops close for winter months to eliminate overhead expenses.


Youth-Centered Camps and Day Programs

When kids are out of school during the summer months, parents are often desperate for child care. Different summer camp programming can appeal to children, including:

  • Art
  • Sports
  • Nature
  • Drama
  • Swimming
  • Books
  • Education
  • Astronomy

If you enjoy working with children, you will need the proper police background check, certifications, and insurance. When starting a new summer camp business, identify if you will be working with toddlers, Pre-Kindergarten, Elementary School age, or older children and teens. Parents often enjoy sending their children to summer camp because it exhausts their kids’ minds and bodies, allowing the family to maintain a regular dinnertime and bedtime schedule that makes the back-to-school transition easier.

If you plan to start a landscape company, HVAC repair business, pool supply and repair facility, ice cream parlour, or summer camp, it is important to have a business plan. Proper certifications and training and insurance are essential. Building a seasonal client base can establish a group of return customers and provide a rewarding business experience.

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