Sciatica; A Historical Review of Pain

plato and socrates

A Brief History of Sciatica

plato and socratesShooting pains that feel like knives are being thrust into the thigh muscle. Throbbing pulsations that get worse when walking after sitting for some time. Those are some of the descriptive phrases that can be used to project what Sciatica feels like. The ability to walk is stifled completely until and unless that pain stops. The Greeks of Plato and Socrates during the times of the Greek Gods were familiar with these troubles. The Romans also treated these pains in their medical centers. At this time the pain of Sciatica was considered a disease that centered in the hip joint. This confused the pain of Sciatica with arthritis.


Not too long ago it was discovered in 1794 by Cotugno’s research, that the pain originated from nerves in the leg. Sciatic nerve was finally credited with this problem due to disc prolapse because of the stretching of the sciatic nerve. Documentation came in 1901 when Oppenheim removed a ruptured disc. Eventually many physicians realized that the pain was central to the long sciatic nerve that is attached to the spinal cord and runs down the legs. If this nerve becomes irritated from activity it will pull on the disc and cause the disc to bulge out which is the cause of the sciatic nerve pain. The sad fact is that many people suffer from these symptoms, not knowing what they are and how to get relief.


sciatic nerveThere are many therapies for this type of injury. First it is best to stop sitting for long periods of time in the upright position, such as at a desk. Laying down is important and applying ice to the spinal area and to the thigh area is extremely helpful as it opens up the circulation to the injured nerve and the disc area. The bulging will shrink and eventually heal. This can take many weeks. There is also treatment directly to the herniated disc by trained specialists. There are many treatment options available with thissciatica treatment in Thornhill.


Searching for Committed Trained Specialists in Thornhill

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