Should You Go With Millwright Welding and Fabricating Services?

How do we pick millwright welding and fabricating services? Selecting the right fabrication shop is crucial, there needs to be proper machinery in the shop.

Value for your money should obviously be the major factor in influencing your decision. Does the shop you are looking at have all the resources to complete your project on time and within your budget? If you give them your design and engineering concept will they be able to deliver a quality product without you having to supervise them each step of the way? This decision means the difference between making a profit and making a loss so we have decided to give you the major factors to look out for before selecting any fabrication shop for millwright welding and fabricating services.

Equipment in the shop

This is obviously the most important factor since all the work will be done in their shop. If they need to outsource the work that is a major point against them since it only leads to time wasting and more micromanagement. No amount of hard work, proper management or efficiency can replace the proper equipment. Here is equipment that a proper fabrication shop should have:

  1. Hydraulic Big Press. A hydraulic press is used to bend simple and complex metal accurately and into a number of shapes.
  2. Profile Rolls. A profile/angle roll uses pull and push forces between a set number of angle rollers to shape a metal.
  3. Horizontal Band Straws. This is a metal cutting machine that allows you to cut metal in bundles
  4. Plate Rolls. This machine transforms flat metal sheets to cylindrical or radial shapes.
  5. Swing Beam Shears. This is a cost-effective hydraulic machine designed for cutting thick metal.
  6. Iron workers. This is a machine that consists of five workstations that allow you to notch, shear or punch your metal. If you visit shops that offer millwright welding and fabricating services, you will be able to see these machines even the ones you have not used yet.


Size of the Workforce

Of course with all the right equipment in place you now need someone to use them. The number of people working in the shop should give you a rough estimate of when your job will be finished. Too few people working there probably means that your job will enter the backlog and you will not be able to finish your project on time. You should also make sure everyone who will be involved in working on your project is qualified. Ask for samples of previous work or go online and check reviews. This will help you to determine the quality of their work.

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