The Bus: A Transportation Vehicle History

The History of Bus: The vehicle designed to carry multiple passengers on the road and have the capacity to carry as high as 300 passengers. From 1820’s Horse drawn buses were used followed by steam buses in 1830’s.In 1882’s electric trolley buses were used. In 1895, the first motor buses or engine bus which used internal combustion were used. Bus name is taken from a latin name ‘Omnibus‘ which first appeared in Paris in 1819-20 and in London in 1829. Omnibus meant Carriage for all.

horse drawn buses

Single decker bus is the most common type of bus. There are also double-decker and articulated buses that carry larger loads. For smaller loads usually minibuses are used. The buses used for long distance services are called Coaches. Buses that charge a fare like Intercity coaches, city transit buses. Other types of buses that don’t charge a fare like school buses (elementary, or secondary school buses or shuttle buses within the campus. Buses provide scheduled Coach transport, Bus transport, school transport and tourism. Promotional buses are used for rock and pop tour vehicles and also for political campaigns.


Early type of Buses:

  • Omnibus Service
  • Steam Buses
  • Trolley Buses


Omni Bus service: Greenwood have established the first Omnibus service which included a horse and a carriage with several seats. No prior booking necessary and it pick up passengers and dropped them off at the locations on the request.In 1828 Paris omnibus started and became an immediate success. The first Bus service was established in Germany in 1825. With the advent of steam buses and motor buses, horse buses use was declined. The last horse bus stopped operating in London in 1914.


Steam Buses: First pioneered in England in 1830’s by Walter Hancock steam powered buses provided regular intercity services. The first mechanically propelled omnibus operated in 1833 on the streets of London.

steam bus

Trolley Buses: Electric trolley buses fed through trolley poles by overhead wires came into the picture. In 1909, the first passenger-carrying Trolley bus in Germany was opened.

Trolley Buses

Motor Buses: The first mass production bus model was B-type double decker bus was operated by London General Omnibus company was designed by Frank Searle. Models expanded in the 20th century.

Motor Buses

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