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The Enthralling History of Air Purifiers

air filters

Many people believe that air purification is a new development and was just invented in the recent years of development. Air purification has been worked toward for more than two hundred years ago. Figuring out the fog, smoke, and soot which for a long time has made breathing difficult is not hard. The spurting and coughing that this kind of impurities in the air has caused people to find ways to protect themselves against the effects. The forms of pollution that have constantly been announced to cause dangers have eventually given rise to the so-called air purifiers with which many of use nowadays. During the industrial revolution, air pollution became a menace to humanity and many cities. In that response, Charles Dean and John developed a mask in 1923 to counter the problem. In 1953, John Stenhouse developed a super mask for drivers and coal miners. John Tyndall, in 1971, added respirator to Stenhouse mask that depicts the present modern gas mask.

air filters
Air filters in wide use today include:

Ionic Air Filters – They are also called ionizers. The used voltage to get the air molecules charged. They produce anions that are negatively charged and attract air particles in the same way as static electricity. As the particles bombard the anions, they get deionized therefore removed completely from the air stream. They are mostly used in commercial air filtration.

HEPA Air Filters – HEPA means High-efficiency particulate absorbing which are by far the strongest and effective in absorbing particles than the ionic filters and are therefore preferred for sensitive applications because they can remove up to 99.97% of air impurities. They are therefore the most effective air sanitizers that can be used. They contain fiber glass mats that trap air particles that try to flow through them. The effectiveness depends on the filter thickness and the fiber diameter. They trap particles using different methods. They intercept particles flowing through the fibers nearby and trap them in a process called interception. The increase in air flow makes the particles bombard each other between the glasses and make them get caught inside in a process called impaction. Diffusion is the other process where air flows over a longer period, and clean air diffuses leaving particles to be caught by the glass fibers.

Carbon Air Filters – they use a reaction occurring when titanium gets exposed to ultraviolet light rays. When the air stream encounters the photochemical process, neutralization of harmful particles like bacteria and mold takes place. The longer the subjection of air to light the more the effectiveness.

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