The Evolution and History of Bowling


Bowling has a long history and has evolved quite a bit; from rolling porcelain balls on the ground in ancient times, to a much more elaborate display of glowing pins, colorful balls, and disco lights. It has become a favorite game that almost any age can partake in, and has continued to grow in the media through movies and video games.

Bowling first gained its popularity in Britain as a lawn game, with various rules depending on the different clubs and counties who adopted the game. It wasn’t until 1982 that the Scottish Bowling Association was formed and created an official set of rules and code of ethics. A couple years later, in September 1985 in New York City, pin bowling gained its first standardized rules. In 1905, the International Bowling Board was established and adopted the rules of the Scottish Bowling Association.

Today’s most popular kinds of bowling

Ten pin bowling10 pin bowling

– this most popular type of bowling arranges the pins in the shape of a triangle at the end of a long wooden or synthetic waxed alley with two gutters on the side. The game is made up of ten frames and each player gets two tries at knocking down all of the pins.

Five pin bowling

5 pin bowling– this variant was first created in Canada and is great for those who find 10 pin bowling a bit daunting. Not only are there fewer pins to knock down, but the pins and ball size are much smaller. The five pins are arranged in a V shape, and unlike other kinds of bowling, they are worth different amount of score points. The center pin is worth five points if knocked down, the two on either side are worth three each, and the outermost pins are worth two each for a total of 15. In each frame the player gets three chances to knock all five pins.

Candle pin

candle pin bowling– this is a popular version in New England, and in some parts of Canada but not often played outside those area. Candle pins are thinner and somewhat taller, with a smaller ball that has no finger holes is used, but otherwise plays the same as ten pin bowling.

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