The History of Counseling for Marriages and Relationships

The History of Counseling for Marriages and Relationships

Counseling is a relatively new type of therapy. Especially marriage counseling. While psychotherapy dates back several decades to pioneers like Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, the actual practice of working on one’s issues and improving relationships as a result is a fairly recent concept. The approach of people being treated with fairness and acceptance while working on their problems or life transitions has actually played a very significant role in people’s lives and also with modern psychotherapy. People are no longer treated as animals and locked up in asylums for having problems. They are now seen as works in progress and so are whatever the issues that they may seek counseling for.


Religion and Family as a Tool for Marriage Counseling


For years, people have looked to family members such as parent for advice. While this may have been ideal at one point, people may also not be as willing to share their difficulties with their family as they may have once been willing to. People often see their problems as being private or shameful. The same goes for married couples. They are afraid of other people finding out that they are having difficulties within their relationship and are ashamed to ask for help. One outlet that people have used in the past is their personal religious source in seeking help. Going to talk to a priest, a pastor a rabbi has often been a common practice for many both before and during a marriage. Many have looked towards religious leaders as a form of guidance and wisdom. However, with so many people having negative feelings towards organized religion, there has been a steady decline in the use of clergy member for marital counseling.


Why People are turning to Professional Therapists for Counselling in Windsor


Counseling in Windsor has become a growing trend. Many people have turned away from seeking help through religion and religious leaders. They have become more secluded and are discussing less with their families. They are seeking outside help from strangers who they feel will not judge them or give them too personal of an opinion. This actually is a good solution for marriage counselling in Windsor. Seeking help from someone who does not know you or your spouse can help you see things from a different perspective. They can observe things that you may not be observing. The can give an unbiased opinion about your issues and help to come up with solutions that will work without everyone in town or your family knowing what is going on. Also, these are trained and licensed professionals who are skilled in this type of therapy. They have several years of experience and are up to do date on the best approaches to marriage counseling. However, people will seek help from a therapist for various types of counseling in Windsor services.


Types of Counseling:
• Relationships
• Depression
• Eating Disorders


One such therapist who has developed a substantial practice for counselling in Windsor. Wendy Limarzi has developed a wonderful approach to depression treatment as well as marriage counselling in Windsor. Her team at Depression and Relationship Counselling Services specializes in both depression and relationship counseling. They are licensed, registered therapist. She obtained her Master’s degree in Social Work from Wilfred Laurier University. Wendy also helps with other types of therapy including parenting skills and anger management.
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