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The History of Plumbing


When many people think of plumbing, they believe that it is a recent invention that only modern societies have enjoyed. Many people are surprised to know that some forms of plumbing have been around for thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians were one of the first groups of people to experiment with irrigation in watering their crops. Although their technology was limited, they found out at an early time that water could be carried through tunnels in the ground. This was a great improvement and allowed their civilization to grow much faster than many others during the time.
Modern Plumbing

The technology in plumbing continues to get better every year. The first indoor plumbing became available around 100 years ago in many countries. However, only the wealthiest people could afford to have it in their homes. In many rural areas, the bathroom was still an outhouse that was usually outside. There are still people in many countries around the world that do not have access to indoor plumbing. Plumbing plays an important role in the health of a society. The more access that people have to this basic necessity the less the disease rate is. This is simply because waste products tend to have a lot of bacteria in them.

Plumbers in Toronto

There are many Toronto plumbers that have businesses that are designed to assist those with plumbing emergencies such as Mister Plumber, one of the leading plumbing service providers in Toronto.. Many people do not realize the earnings potential of a well qualified plumber. There are a lot of Toronto plumbers that earn over six figures a year in their business. With so many plumbers in Toronto, the local population is lucky if there are any plumbing emergencies. The farther out that cities go, the less people usually have access to quick fixes in their plumbing. This is an important consideration for anyone considering moving to rural Canada where pipes will often freeze.

Types of Plumbing Supply Pipe

Copper is one of the most common types of pipe available today. Although it is very reliable it is also on the expensive side. Many people opt to go with a less expensive option in their home or business.

copper pipes

Cast Iron was one of the early ways in which plumbing was performed. Although it was durable, cast iron was difficult to mend or work with for plumbers.

cast iron pipes

Stainless Steel is one of the highest quality options available for people to purchase. Although it lasts longer than almost any material, it is so expensive that many people choose not to use it in their homes. However, many custom home owners will choose to use it in their already expensive home.

stainless steel pipes

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