The History Of Psychotherapy, A Simple Overview Of A Complicated Subject


The History Of Psychotherapy, A Simple Overview Of A Complicated Subject

As long as there have been people, those people have had psychological problems and people have tried a variety of ways to alleviate those problems. Until the time of the ancient Greeks, people suffering from mental issues were thought to be possessed by demons and the main ‘cure’ was an exorcism. The ancient Greeks were the first to postulate that mental issues were actually medical issues and should be treated as such. While the premise was good, the execution was less than optimal, with ‘cures’ such as bathing for depression and blood-letting for psychosis. While there was a brief resurgence of the belief of supernatural causes for mental illness during the middle ages, over time Psychotherapy has become the chosen method for helping people with mental problems.


Three Types of Psychotherapy:


Different methods of performing psychotherapy are in usage with each doctor ascribing to a different school of thought or mixing and matching methods as they see fit but the main three types are:


• Cognitive Therapy is designed to help a person solve his or her problems by identifying emotions or mindset that are dysfunctional. This therapy differs from behavioral therapy since it concentrates on how thoughts affect emotions and how thinking differently will make a person feel differently.


• Behavior Therapy is the opposite side of the coin from cognitive therapy although there are doctors who use them in conjunction with each other. Behavior therapy works with people to get them to act or behave differently to the situations or emotions that are causing the patient to experience distress. This therapy has been used successfully to treat anxiety, depression and paranoia, but the application is not reserved for those maladies.


• Psychoanalysis or Psychodynamic Therapy is the therapy that most people think of when they think of physiotherapy. This type is used to explore the subconscious to find the underlying causes of mental illness. The thought is if a patient understands why they do things, then perhaps they can do things differently.


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