The Origins of Cosmetics

ancient cosmetics

It is believed that the first cosmetic product was lipstick. Approximately 5,000 years ago, Ancient Sumerian men and women crushed gemstones and used them to enhance the look of their lips and eyes. Women in the Indus Valley Civilization also placed red tinted lipstick on their lips, starting at about 3000 BC. Ancient Egyptians used castor oil as a balm to protect certain areas of skin. Romans described using skin creams, derived from beeswax, as well as rosewater and olive oil.

In the 19th century, Vaseline and Lanolin were used as a cosmetic and skin protectant. Also, in the same century, Queen Victoria made a public statement that make-up should only be used by actors. Use by other people was considered to be vulgar and improper. The popular skin cream and cleanser company, Nivea, came to fruition in 1911. Since then, many more cosmetics have been created and used, and thousands of cosmetic companies have come to market.

There are many different types of cosmetics

Some include:

Nail Polish

nail polish
Also known as nail paint, this product is used by women, and some men, to enhance the look of the nails on both fingers and toes. It comes in many different shades and can even be made with glitter.

Perfume and Cologne

Both men and women wear perfumes and colognes to help them smell better. These can be made from natural elements like flowers and herbs.


Lotion is one of the most common types of cosmetics there is. It is used by people of all ages and both genders. It can be used externally on any area of the body to help moisturize it and decrease irritations. Some lotions also have specific scents to them.


Another popular cosmetic, lipstick is generally used by women. It comes in various shades; popular ones include reds, pinks, purples, and corals. Although it is usually used to enhance the look of the lips, it can also be used to help moisturize and condition them as well.Since 1970, Intercosmetics has been the leading developer in the spa and esthetics industry. They offer cosmetic supplies in Toronto, as well as training and consulting. This pioneer beauty supplier has earned its outstanding reputation with quality products, customer service that aims to please, and unbeatable values. The world of cosmetics is ever-changing and growing. Intercosmetics keeps up with these advances and changes by providing their clients and customers with innovative cosmetic supplies in Toronto, as well as the latest tools, and training. This means that their customers are a cut above the rest, receiving the best service and beauty products in Toronto.
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