Waste Management: Where Will We Put it All?

waste management

Waste management history actually goes back as far as civilization itself. Once mankind transitioned from hunter-gatherers to settlers, there became a need to dispose of excess debris away from the living area. Hence, the birth of land fills.

waste management

Today, we understand the risks and costs involved with the removal and storage of our waste. As a society, we’re just starting to become conscious of just how big this problem is. We’re also just beginning to accept the responsibility for solving the waste issues that will bury future generations if not solved now.


One of the biggest problems is that there are so many different categories of garbage. From bio-hazardous to recyclable, there are many different types of waste. However, there are only a handful of solutions currently available. Lets look at the three most common ways of dealing with waste, and you’ll see what I mean.


  • Landfill – This is where we started. Throwing our crap in a hole, and covering it up. Even though we’re much more careful than we were in the early days, it’s still not going to work forever. There is only so much land on this planet, and once you fill an area with solid waste, you can’t do much else with it besides covering it with grass. The seepage from the waste will corrupt ground water in the area, and the instability of the soil makes it difficult to build on.
  • Incineration – Burning trash gets rid of much of it, but at what cost? The quality of our air is already suffering greatly. The smell alone from an incinerator makes the entire area pretty uninhabitable. There’s also the cost of the fuel used to burn it. It’s not like you just touch a match to it.
  • Recycling – Easily the best option for the planet. Besides the resources saved, it eliminates storage issues. The problems with it are: First, you have to get everybody involved, and there’s too many people that just won’t. Second, the different materials have to be separated, and that has to be done by hand.


So, what is the solution to our ever increasing garbage piles? I don’t know. Only time will tell if we will conquer this problem before it buries us. However, I can tell you that whatever waste management issues you are dealing with today, there is an answer. M&M Disposal and Bin Rental in London, Ontario can give you whatever help you need. For over 10 years, M&M has handled waste management in London, and waste bin rental in London. Their excellent customer service and wide variety of bins make them the obvious choice. Call M&M Waste Management in London today at 519-649-6440.

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